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Faculty's offer

The Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering offers the following second-cycle studies conducted in English on a full-time basis:

       Mechanical Engineering

The course is also available in Polish   

Place limits: for the full-time studies in English – 30, for the full-time studies in Polish – 30, for the part-time studies in Polish – 30

Education in the Mechanical Engineering field of study enables to gain comprehensive engineering knowledge of general machine design, as well as the expertise, concerning the design, production, safety, control and exploitation of "the faculty objects of interest", i.e. vehicles (cars, tractors, railway vehicles) and construction machinery (building and road machines, cranes, conveyors, etc.).

The graduate of the Mechanical Engineering field of study possesses extensive general knowledge connected with basic subjects and specialist knowledge of machinery and vehicle construction. The graduate is also able to use modern tools of computer-aided design, production and exploitation process, which are applied in contemporary design offices.

This results in the interdisciplinary, systemic approach to solving technical problems as well as in taking other challenges in their work, including those related to intensive development of science and technology.

The following specialisation areas are offered for the second-cycle (MSc) studies in English:

  • Advanced Machinery and Vehicles Engineering

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Recruitment information

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