New website of the SiMR Faculty

Sunday, 2 October 2022

We are pleased to present the new website of the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering. The previous version of the website has been with us for almost 10 years. Due to technical reasons, the possibilities of its further development were very limited. The new website has many advantages over the previous one, including:

  • wider possibility to post multimedia content, including movies,
  • content adaptation to mobile devices,
  • meeting the accessibility requirements for people with disabilities,
  • greater flexibility in terms of modification and further expansion.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new content structure on the website. In the upper right corner there is a section of "eSiMR" with links to electronic services such as e-mail, Sharepoint, USOS, APD and Moodle. At the bottom of the page there are "zones" with quick links to the most popular sections of the website. Students should follow the announcements posted in the section edited by the Student Office. The tabs in the main (upper) menu are similar in layout to the previous version of the website.

Considering the fact that many Users have got used to navigating the previous version of the website, it has been archived (as of September 30, 2022) and made available - the link is provided in the lower left corner of the current website. It should be emphasized that new information will only be published on the new website.

The Editorial Team is currently working on completing missing content and fixing website bugs. In the near future, we should expect the expansion of the section devoted to the Institutes that make up the Faculty and the development of English version of the website. We ask for your understanding and please report any observed errors to the e-mail address

Members of the team for the development of the Faculty's website.

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