SiMR Faculty Day 20 V 2022

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Dean and the Faculty Council of the Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering Faculty kindly invite for the Faculty Day Celebration which will take place on Friday, 20th of May, 2022, in the Faculty premises at 84 Narbutta str., Warszawa.


Schedule of the SiMR Faculty Day 20 V 2022:

1000 Sponsorship Council Session (hall 3.12)

1115 Celebratory open session of the Faculty Council (multimedia hall)

1200 Seminar of the Design Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts representatives (multimedia hall):

  • prof. Bartosz Piotrowski, PhD, DSc, leading designer of PESA, „Designing process of the means of transportation”
  • Dominik Głąb, PhD, WW & Kaniewski Design, „Since the engineering and design ...”

1245 Lecture: Future engineer or where is the automotive industry tending toward? (multimedia hall)

1330 Handing over the commemorative diplomas to the SiMR Faculty graduates (multimedia hall)


Picnic part:

1400-2000 SiMR Faculty & Partners exhibition (faculty parking lot)

1400-1800 SiMR Faculty Student Research Clubs exhibition (faculty parking lot)

1400-1800 Sports activities and amusements (voleyball game, Simriada)

1400-2000 Grill party (faculty parking lot)

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