STARTER PW - A guide for new students

Thursday, 28 September 2023

New at the Warsaw University of Technology? You don't know how to handle the first days of study?

No wonder… the University of Technology is a large community. Take a look at our interactive guide for new students. You will get to know the University, your rights and obligations and learn how to use our IT systems.

Go to and log in to the LeON educational platform.

Under the "My courses" tab, you will find STARTER PW - A guide for new students.

The course is divided into 4 modules. Each module has information presented in an interactive and descriptive form in the form of an EBOOK.

  • Module I is general information, such as: a brief history and the structure of the university, students' rights and duties, dormitories, student government, regular events at WUT, information about WUT art units, student organisations, scientific circles and maps of campuses

  • Module II contains basic information about the USOSweb Platform. From this module you will learn how to view your timetable, credit history, status of settlements with the University, register for classes, submit applications and complete questionnaires.

  • Module III is information about the LeON platform. In this section you will learn what the platform itself is and what it is used for, you will get to know its interface and you will learn how to search for e.g. credit terms, colloquia and online materials/courses.

  • Module IV is basic information about the things you will need to get started, i.e. access to Microsoft Services and software. Here you will learn how to gain access to and use Microsoft applications, the Azure service, how to use student mail, how to gain access to other engineering licences, and which Microsoft applications you should or need to use while studying at PW.

Don't see the course on the LeOn learning platform and would like to learn more about it?

Write a message to: Be sure to send your message from an address in the domain.

Please let us know if you are an employee of the university or a student.

Welcome to the Warsaw University of Technology!

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