Engineering software


Assist in using SolidWorks software to solve specific engineering problems

Consultations and possible assistance in the operation and use of the SolidWorks program are offered by the following employees of the SiMR Faculty:

  • In the field of analylisis in Simulation, solid modeling, assemblies, flat documentation, SkanTo3D: mgr inż. Michał Fotek.
  • In the field of solid and surface modeling, sheet metal, assemblies, flat documentation, CAM (milling and turning): dr inż. Jarosław Małkiński
  • In the field of solid and surface modeling, mechanism assemblies, motion diagrams in Motion, planar documentation, parameterization and equations, configurations (families of parts), Toolbox configuration, PDM system, certification: dr inż. Stanisław Skotnicki.
  • In the field of solid and surface modeling, sheet metal modeling, welded structures, assemblies, flat documentation, SkanTo3D, certification and to some extent Motion: dr inż. Przemysław Siemiński.
SolidWorks certification exams for the SiMR faculty students and teaching staff

We would like to inform you that as a university, we can provide students, PhD students and teaching staff of WUT with free access to exams for certificates in knowledge of the parametric 3D CAD/CAM/CAE system - SolidWorks. Normally they cost up to several hundred zlotys. These are certificates recognized by many companies around the world. This certification is organized by the software manufacturer - SolidWorks corporation: 

We have various certificates available - from basic CSWA, through professional CSWP, to specialized ones. The types of SolidWorks certificates, how to prepare for them and how to take them are described on many websites, e.g.:

CSWA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate) is the first and easiest certification in the SOLIDWORKS family. Passing the certificate means that the student has specialized knowledge in three-dimensional solid modeling, developing project concepts and creating sustainable projects in SOLIDWORKS software. Most students of the SiMR Faculty who successfully passed the "Geometric Modeling" classes in the 1st year of engineering studies should be able to pass the CSWA certificate exam.
The second one certification, CWSP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional), requires more experience.

First, the student must obtain the CSWA certificate, and only after obtaining it he/she may attempt to pass the next ones. After failing the exam, you can apply for new access and try to take the exam again, but only after 14 days.

Tutorial videos on taking the SolidWorks CSWA certification exam:

You can download the software for the exam from the website:
It is also possible to take the CWSA and CWSP trial exam for free and multiple times. 

Currently, the SiMR Faculty has decided that students take the exam on their own at home. Access to the exam is generated for a specific student (this is his/her WUT email address) and it is not possible to transfer it to another person. The student must take the exam on his own within 30 days, because after that time the access becomes invalid. Information about access is sent to students by Dr. Eng. Stanisław Skotnicki. Interested students of the SiMR Faculty are asked to send a message from their PW e-mail address to, specifying the type of certificate they want to obtain and their full details, i.e.: index number, year and type of studies. (engineering, master's, full-time, part-time), field of study and e-mail address in the format ""..

Faculty licences

Employees and students of the Faculty can gain access to engineering software used in the teaching process and for scientific and research work.

Details on obtaining access to the software listed below are available from the ⇒teaching staff conducting classes using it and from the ⇒IT Service Office.

  • Ansys
  • Abaqus Adams / Vi-Rail
  • AVL
  • Catia
  • Icem Surf
  • LabView
  • LMS AMESim
  • Matlab
  • SiemensNX
  • SolidWorks
Central licenses

All employees and students have access to central licenses operated by the IT Center of the Warsaw University of Technology. 

Details on the rules for sharing them are available on the website of the ⇒WUT IT Center.


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