Machine Dynamics Research

Czasopismo naukowe wydawane w Instytucie Podstaw Budowy Maszyn (przed rokiem 2011: Machine Dynamics Problems)

Scientific journal published in the Institute of Machine Design Fundamentals (before 2011: Machine Dynamics Problems)

Machine Dynamics Research has been established in 1984

Scope of the journal

  • Modelling of machines as dynamical systems
  • Identification and modification of systems
  • Basic material properties in machine building including rheology and internal friction, crack propagation, fatigue, smart materials, etc.
  • Machine elements mating problems like structural friction, wear, lubrication, hydro- and aerodynamic friction
  • Vibrations and stability of machines and machine elements
  • Vibroisolation and vibroacoustics of machines
  • Dynamic machine diagnostics
  • Synthesis of mechanisms and machines, optimisation, computer aided design

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